Thursday, September 30, 2010

The First Day...


I'm home!  I'm home!

We arrived last night and it's my first morning home.

I dropped the husband off at work, and now life begins.

I drove in rush hour traffic - but did I get frustrated?  Upset?


I'm in America and I was just taking it all in.

The blue sky, the green grass (boy do I miss the color green), the courteous drivers.

Yes, I know in about 6 months I'll be cussing a blue streak at the so called courteous drivers - but really Houstonians drive much better than the drivers in Dubai.

In Dubai the locals (and the expats who've gone native) act like the roads are their own personal race track - I'm not kidding.

I'm driving about 120km an hour (which I think is about 80mph) and they are passing me like I'm standing still.  You do NOT want to be in front of them blocking their way.  It's very dangerous.

Now I'm going to finish up a few things from work - meeting notes and such.

Then I'm going apartment hunting - let's see how long that takes.  I'm thinking a day or two.

Tonight we're buying a car.

And the job hunt is going to be kicked into full gear.

I love my life.

I love my husband.


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