Saturday, September 18, 2010

International Moves

Are very stressful and frustrating.

My husband and I are tense, have had some spats, and I feel super stressed out regarding the schedule.

6 more days of work.

3 more days until they pack us out.

10 more days until we leave.

What to take?

What to sell?

And why am I getting freaky about things.

That just. Don't. Matter.

You know like should we bring these glasses?  Or get rid of them?

I'm like NO leave them, he's like YES take them.

But really who gives a crap?

They don't add any extra weight or cost to the move.

So really it's just not a big deal.

Oh and guess what - I broke a fricken mirror.

What does one have to do to negate the 7 years of bad luck?

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