Saturday, September 4, 2010

Only in Dubai

My husband and I went out to dinner on Friday night.

We went to PF Chang's - where they have imported American Chef's and American management.

Go America.

So it's a slice of the US in the Middle East.

So tastee!

Anyway - we pop into Crate and Barrel (yes the mall we went to is US focused - they also have a Pottery Barn!).

And guess what we see.

Parents checking their bags in with the security guard.

Oh, and their children!

Ha ha ha ha!

The kids were left in the carts, with the bags, with the security guard!

Who was playing with the kids while the parents shopped!

Only in Dubai would it be normal and acceptable to leave your kids with a stranger!

Of course in Denmark they leave the kids in their strollers outside the shops, in the streets, by themselves.

No kidding.  In the street.

It's a pedestrian street, but still...

I guess people don't take kids over there, or over here.

Or it's so rare parents don't even think about it.

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