Monday, July 5, 2010

"The Demons", "The Gays", and God

There is a guy that I met during the course of work.

He's from Africa.

And he's a chest thumping, spear throwing, woman oppressing asshole.

Here are some of his ideas that he felt like he had to share with me, while trying to have a business discussion.  Even after I told him to stop discussing these particular topics; Of course this is not the entire conversation - just the high points.  The salient points, the why the Fuck is this guy walking around on two feet instead of his knuckles points.

Topic:  Regulations and Business

Him:  America is failing because Capitalism is wrong.

Me:  Then why is America the richest, most influential country in the world?

Him:  Americans are all going to Hell.

Me:  I'll see you there.

New topic:  Corporate Governance

Him:  You have to be moral and ethical to be in business.  America is failing because the brokerage firms were robbing people and the regulators did nothing.

Me:  If there isn't a law requiring that a company do something or not do something how can a Regulator be faulted for not stopping it?

Him:  They shouldn't have been allowed to do those kind of deals they should have been stopped.

Me:  Who decides that a deal is "not right"?  You?  What gives you the right to tell me what to do with my money?  I'm an adult and if I choose to buy something that someone is selling, who are you to tell me I can't buy it if there is no law against it?

Him:  The government should tell you what you can buy so that you don't lose your money because you don't understand what you are investing in.

Me:  If I'm too stupid to research where I'm putting my money then I deserve to lose it and neither you or the government have the right tell me what to do with the money I earn.

Him:  It's the moral obligation of the government to protect you.

Me:  WTF?!  Morals have nothing to do with it!

Him:  You must be a moral and ethical person to be in business, what if the person you are doing business with is cheating on their wife?

Me:  I don't care what you do in your personal life.  You can be an effective leader and business person and cheat, you just need to follow the rules and regulations in place for that jurisdiction. It doesn't matter who you sleep with, or what you do as long as you aren't thieving, murdering, SOB who sleeps with small children or animals, and what you're doing doesn't put me in jail.  No one cares what you do in your personal life.

Him:  It does matter who you are as a person, how can you do business with someone who doesn't have morals.

Me:  Nope it really doesn't matter.

Him:  What about Gays?

Me:  What?

Him:  Gays.

Me:  You mean homosexual people?!  Watch it my Sisters are "Gays".  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

Him:  Yes there is, I shouldn't have to watch such things.

Me:  So, "The Gays" have sex in the streets in Africa?

Him:  No, but it's wrong and against God.

Me:  God created everything and everyone so how can it be "against God"?  And if "The Gays" aren't having sex in the streets in Africa how in the world are you watching them?  Are you peeking in their windows?  Don't you think you are a little too interested in what two consensual adults are doing in the privacy of their own homes?  Don't you think you should be a little more interested in world hunger, the oppression of women and children?  You know things more important than who is sleeping with whom?

Him: It's an abomination of GOD! 

Me:  I don't believe in God - it's man's way of trying to understand the world so they don't freak out and spend their lives rocking in a corner.


Me:  Nope and people who are gay are born that way and there is nothing wrong with it.

Him:  They are possessed by Demons that need to be exorcised.

Me:  What the FUCK?!  You sound like you are straight from the Middle Ages.  Uneducated with no idea what you are talking about.  Do you have any other questions about Corporate Governance?  Because this conversation we are having is over, I can't talk to people like you.

Then he asked a few questions regarding business and we went our separate ways.  But not before he tried to engage me in conversation again regarding "The Demons", "The Gays", and my morals.

I can't believe I live in a place with such backward people.

Btw - I do believe in God - just not his God.


  1. are you serious? someone really had this convo with you? KD

  2. Yep, sure did...this was not a fictional was real - of course I did paraphrase some...