Sunday, July 4, 2010

Itty Bitty Kitty Kat!

Good lord, but I'm on a roll today!

When we were at the vet to pick up Gabi we almost came home with this:

Can you see how little it is?!  She's 6 weeks old and someone threw her and her three littermates into the trash.  Two died and the other one was adopted, this was the last one.

But I'm SURE that she will not be homeless for any length of time - after all I'm NOT a cat person and I wanted to take her home.

But we already have one dog and one cat (yes I do love the cat - she's grown on me after 9 years) and we think a third animal is a bit too much.

Especially one that would require a lot of attention like this little one would.

But man it was hard to put her down!

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