Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We may not get back to the US as soon as we thought we might.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Go Ricky! Go Ricky!

Ricky Martin is Gay.

Hmmm, I don't know about you but his sexual orientation really wasn't a surprise to me.

He's pretty, keeps himself up nicely, and is mega talented.  At a minimum my thought was that he was bi-sexual.

A man can be all those things and straight, but usually that's not the case. 

I'm glad he felt comfortable enough to come out, but really it's not anyone's business but his own.

However, I guess as more men and women who are talented, successful, and in the public eye come out, the more acceptable and normal homosexuality will become.

Then maybe they can have the same rights and privileges as the rest of society without anyone obsessing how they spend their free time.

Personally I find it creepy the way people get all upset over same sex partners.  When I think of how much energy they spend trying to keep them from having a legal relationship with one another I pretty much think they must be really angry, really jealous, and really bored.

I mean seriously - don't we have more important things to lobby against, more important causes to spend our money and time on?

You know, starving children, Aids, the homeless, National Debt, battered women, getting Obama out of office...

Seriously, unless you're trying to hook up with a child, or a non-human partner, I could really care less who you take to bed with you at night or to whom you want to bind yourself legally. 

In my opinion (which is always right) everyone should be able to enter into a legal relationship with the person they love. 

It's not fair that I can marry the love of my life, which automatically gives me certain rights and protections under the law, and my sister cannot. 

What makes my love more valid than hers? 

What gives the government the right to decide my love is right and her's is somehow deviant and wrong?  And why are they using God as a reason why?

The government has no right to deny part of the population of rights and privileges the rest of the population enjoys.  Especially based on sexual orientation.

And if a church doesn't believe in homosexuality I don't think they should have to marry a same sex couple.  But I do believe if they don't marry them then they shouldn't enjoy tax exempt status.  If you are a private club and you can reject part of the populous then you shouldn't enjoy any type of government exemptions.  You are practicing discrimination.

Try to deny an inter-racial couple from marrying and see what happens. 

In America all men and women are suppose to be treated equally.  We have anti discrimination laws, and we are so proud of the fact that anyone can be anything in America.  How can we not remove this legal discrimination against a large part of our population?

It's ridiculous.  Just as ridiculous as I find the military for discharging people because they are gay. 

What, do they think being gay is contagious?

Oh my gosh!  I've got the gays!  Quick help me wash it off, maybe it won't stick!

HA!  Idiots!

Technically Challenged

I decided I don't like the layout of my blog.

And I can't figure out how to change it back.

I took the map of visitors off my blog - it doesn't show up anymore.

I think it's blocked in the UAE now.

It must be against the morals and values...

Like Skype.

And Flickr.

Go Figure.

I'm in a wretched mood.

I want to throw myself on the floor again. 

Like a wet noodle.

To lay.


Sunday, March 28, 2010


I've been having weird dreams again.

I can't remember them...I only remember waking up and thinking, "Wow, that was weird.  I need to remember that".

And of course I don't remember it, I just go back to sleep.

Maybe I should keep a notebook by the bed - but I don't think I'd write in it because I literally turn over and go right back to sleep.

I just know that the ones I do remember are strange and apparently I think the ones I don't remember are strange too.  I just can't remember why.


I just want to say it's suppose to be about 90F today (it's 80 right now) - and I'm still a bit chilly here in the office, with the AC off.

I don't want to wear long sleeves when I leave the house - but I always regret it when I don't. 

But I do have my shawl. 

And I'm rambling.

So I guess I'll work now...

Look What I Did!

I updated my blog page with a new template. 

I'm going to play around with it to see what I get...

Low Key

Today is a low key day.

I'm feeling mellow - (Sing with me....they call me mellow yellow...)

Sammy left for the promise land this morning - (Sing this one with me in the promise land, our dreams are made of steel...).

I would have loved to go with him.

Oh well, we will be going to Thailand in a few relax...

I can't wait.

Living in the promise land...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Isn't that a funny word?




I'm cracking me up!


I think that's funny too!

I have a headache this morning - maybe from the Zyrtec I'm taking to get my itching to stop?

Or it could be because this morning was really foggy and humid and my sinus passage is not happy with the change in the weather. 

Whatever the reason I have a headache.



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pottery Barn

I did it.

I went to Pottery Barn.

And I bought a new set of dishes on Saturday.

But I HAD to.

I'm serious - I did.

When I was eating dinner on Friday I felt something on my shoulder.

I brushed my shoulder and looked - nothing.

I continued eating.

Then I felt something on my arm.

I looked - nothing.

Then I sat up and saw a GIGANORMOUS bug.

So of course I screamed and threw my plate on the floor.

Where it shattered on the tile.

Spilling burrito, sour cream, and grated cheese everywhere.

I couldn't even let Gabi eat it up because of the shards of plate.

She was very disappointed.

Poor puppy.

Anyway, that final breakage meant I only had 3 plates left. 

That's down from 8.

And that is the point at which I said I would break down and buy a new set of dishes.

So I did.  I bought 2 settings of each color of the Studio Collection.

Aren't they beautiful!?

And they didn't price gouge me either - the prices here in Dubai are just about the same as in the States.


Pottery Barn.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

I CANNOT Believe this

The health care bill passed.

Obama is jumping up and down, the Democrats are having a victory dance.


They have no idea what they have done because they've never experienced any healthcare system other than the American one. 

In theory it might me nice to change it, but in practice they have no idea what they have done.

We - the middle class - are going to be sucked under, we are going to drown under the weight of all the tax we will have to pay.

For what will be the shittiest healthcare that America has ever experienced.

This is the end of the American Dream.

"To pay for the changes, the legislation includes more than $400 billion in higher taxes over a decade, roughly half of it from a new Medicare payroll tax on individuals with incomes over $200,000 and couples over $250,000. A new excise tax on high-cost insurance policies was significantly scaled back in deference to complaints from organized labor.

In addition, the bills cut more than $500 billion from planned payments to hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and other providers that treat Medicare patients. An estimated $200 billion would reduce planned subsidies to insurance companies that offer a private alternative to traditional Medicare.

The insurance industry warned that seniors would face sharply higher premiums as a result, and the Congressional Budget Office said many would return to traditional Medicare as a result.

The subsidies are higher than those for seniors on traditional Medicare, a difference that critics complain is wasteful, but insurance industry officials argue goes into expanded benefits."

Not only are we going to drown under the weight of the cost of this - senior citizens are going to be taxed at higher rates and they are going to get less coverage.

And this bill decreases payments to the doctors and hospitals!


I can tell you what's going to happen. We're going to be poorer. There are going to be less doctors because they will make less and nothing was done to address the incredible amounts they have to pay to get a medical degree and pay for malpractice.

So it won't be an attractive career path. So guess what? We'll get more mediocre doctors like they have in the UK who have no idea what they are doing and who are treated like crap by the government.

The bureaucracy that will be created by the government to "run" the healthcare system will mean it will be over priced - we the consumers will be under served. It will be one great big cluster fuck. And we'll end up like the English. We'll survive in spite of our healthcare system. Not because of it.

If we can afford it we'll all be going to Asia to see the doctor. And we'll be drowning in debt while we struggle to get there.

Asia anyone....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bad Hair Day, Week, Month...

Yes, I am having a bad hair month.

Actually I've been having bad hair for the past 6 months or so.

It's falling out and no matter how many times I rinse my hair it still feels like it has soap in it.

Apparently both conditions are the result of washing your hair in desalinated water.

So I have nasty funky hair.

That's falling out.

I cannot tell you how traumatic it is to see all my little hairs in the hair brush, on the counter, and on the bathroom floor.

Every morning.

Now this is not a build up of hair (I do have a house maid remember) - this is fresh hanks of hair falling out everyday.

At first I thought - hmmm I must have a thyroid problem - like my Grandmother and my mother.


Went to the doctor, thyroid is fine.

As are my kidneys and my liver (and really I'd rather have my hair fall out than have a problem with one of those!).

So after doing much research and talking to my friends it seems that loss of hair is normal here and it's due to the water.

And I can do one of two things:

1.  Only wash my hair in bottled water
2.  Put a filter on my shower to filter out the minerals from the water

Actually there is a third option;

Do both. 

One of my friends not only has a filter but she only washes her hair with bottled water and doing that apparently stopped the hair loss.

I think I'm only going with option 2 because I don't believe that I'll ever remember to put enough bottled water in the shower to wash my hair. 

So we're going to go tonight to buy the filter. 

Hopefully my hair will grow back.


Food, How 'bout Some Food...

Can you feed me, cause I'm hungry.


Give me some food.

I want some ice cream, cup cakes too.


I want some food.


Give me some food.

Food. Glorious food.


Ahhh my hubby just cooked some vodka pasta.

From Emeril Lagasse's cookbook.

And it was taaassssttteee.

Very tastee.

And we had a very good time cooking together.

Of course, he did most of the cooking.

But I cleaned.

And I ate, oh boy did I eat.

Did I mention it was tastee?!

Food. How bout some food!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's the Weekend, It's a Party

Un huh, oh yeah, let's do it!

Guess what's come to Dubai?!


Guess what else has come to Dubai?!


I may just keel over from the excitement.

All that is needed to satisfy my shopping needs is a Restoration Hardware and a Target.

Oh... and Williams and Sonoma,

Oh... and Sur la Table,

And... well you get the idea - basically my needs will be met if the UAE is exactly like the US of A.

And I have to say...I really, really, need Target.

There is also a PF Changs coming to town...but they most likely won't be able to serve alcohol.  Which is how I prefer to eat my Chinese food.  Bummer.

Anyway I'm going to go this weekend and check it all out.  Although C&B will not be open in Mirdif until next month.  They are open in the Mall of the Emirates now, but that mall is a shit place to go with all the hordes of people congreating there.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dieting Sucks!

Can I just say that trying to eat "right" is a pain in the butt.

I would really like to have a cup cake right now.

I have all the ingredients to make them at home.

Even the icing.  Cream cheese icing.

My body likes the moratorium I've placed on sweets.  I don't feel as lethargic and my stomach doesn't bother me either.

By my mind, my crazy mind is DYING to have sweets.

Cookies, cakes and candy.

Oh my...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Web Design Anyone?

Well I tried to change my blog layout.

As you can tell - it didn't go to well.  I switched back to the original design.

I wanted to go with a more coffee themed background, but the one I picked made reading my blog impossible.

And it took away my ability to change the fonts size and color.  So I had Giganormous lettering that had a color about one shade off from the background color.

Which really makes reading difficult.

I was disappointed to say the least, but I saved a back up copy of my template so all was not lost.

Thank goodness.

I guess my blog is not meant to be Prity like others. 

It's meant to be functional.  Which is the same as boring. 

On the bright side I did figure out how to put a map on my blog. 

Of course the site did it for you, but I pressed the button!

A web designer I am not.

Maybe I'll take a class when I move back home.

Then again - maybe I won't.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


We went to Ruth Chris last night and it was soooo very good!

The steak was incredible.

Ahhh foood.

We also met the manager's of the restaurant - one from Austin the other was from New Orleans.

New Orleans is to food what Italy is to Coffee.

When we move home one of the first trips we're taking is going to be to New Orlelans.

Port of Call....


Brunch at Brennan's


Shrimp Etouffee.

Double Yum.

They started a ladies night at Ruth Chris - oh yeah baby!

I can't wait to go!

Now we're off for Coffee and Croissant at The. French. Bakery.

How could life get any better than this?!

Hmmm...I could be doing all this in America...

Friday, March 12, 2010


That is what my new religion is called.


Because that is what I feel when I take that first sip.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Can you believe this?!

Massa has admitted to groping an employee but insists that it wasn't sexual. How in the world do you grope someone and it not be sexual?

I don't understand these people.

Why would you grope someone at work?!

Not only that why would you tickle someone until you were jumped by other staff members?

"Not only did I grope him, I tickled him until he couldn't breathe and then four guys jumped on top of me," he said. "It was my 50th birthday. It was 'kill the old guy.' You can take anything out of context."

Seriously, he didn't think there was anything wrong with torturing that poor guy until he couldn't breathe and his co-workers had to save him?!

There is NO WAY to put this into any kind of context which would make it O.K. Well maybe in your own home with your life partner or one night stand. If both parties were consenting. But not at work with your boss. That is pure harassment and assault.

Tickling can be torture -

I know I do not like to be tickled; it's not fun or pleasant. It hurts and Massa should be charged with assault.

And I'm still confused as to how he can say he was groping the poor boy and that it wasn't sexual. How in the hell do you non-sexually grope someone?!

And why would you ever think it would be O.K. to touch a member of staff in a way that could be described as groping?

The only place I think it would be appropriate to touch a co-worker would be on the shoulder, the arm or the back.

Let me be clear - the upper back, in the shoulder area. The arms should not be touched on the underside, only on the top and either near the shoulder or on the forearm. Not near the breast. Hands should not be held, and the lower back should not be touched.

No hugging - unless there is a personal relationship and the person is trying to comfort a visibly upset co-worker. If there is not personal relationship outside of work then just pat the person on the shoulder. Nothing else.

I would have thought in this day and age what is considered appropriate in the work place would be clear. I guess not.

Actually, it sounds like the congressmen are having some kind of groping orgy over there in DC.

Which is pretty creepy to think about.

Keep yourself under control at work. If you want to get freaky go to the club or get online. Don't do it at work.

The UK Healthcare System

I wasn't surprised by this:,2933,588573,00.html

Woman Gives Birth 3 Hours After Doctors Tell Her She's Pregnant

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A British woman became a mother for the first time just three hours after doctors discovered she was pregnant, The Sun reported Tuesday.

Belinda Waite, 21, had been in and out of hospital for nine months after being told she was suffering from a severe case of irritable bowel syndrome and gout.

It was only after she was admitted to hospital in severe pain on Feb. 6 that doctors realized she was expecting.

They told Waite she was around three months pregnant and sent her back home to Bampton, Devon in the U.K., just before midnight.

But a few hours later, baby Louise arrived weighing a healthy 8 pounds, 14 ounces to the amazement of Waite and her boyfriend, Wayne Boyles.

"I did feel like something was moving inside me as the months went on," Waite said. "But I never considered I was pregnant — and it doesn't seem to have crossed the doctors' minds."

I should have been because I'm an American, but I wasn't.

Considering my experiences with the UK system when I lived there I'm not surprised at all that they couldn't figure out the 21 year old woman was pregnant. 

After all when you go in to the doctor's office in the UK they don't even take your blood pressure, temperature, listen to your heart, or weigh you.  All of which are standard in the US.

I mean it seriously took her going into labor (which by the way they couldn't even figure out that she was in labor) for them to say hey I think you're pregnant.  And then they didn't even check to see how far along she was. 

They told her she was only 3 months pregnant then sent her back home.

While she was in active labor.



They wouldn't have sent her back home in the States.

Back home they would have conducted an ultra sound to see how far along she was. 

At the very least.

Hell back home it wouldn't have taken the doctors 9 months to figure out she was pregnant.  One of the most common questions I'm asked when I go to the doctor in the States is "Are you or could you be Pregnant?". 

And my GYN does a pregnancy test as a matter of course at every visit just to make sure I'm not.

This is what Obama wants to turn our healthcare system into.  A bunch of incompetent people who stand around and scratch their heads and say hmmm...based on the fact I've done absolutely nothing to diagnose you I'd say you have gout (yes she was diagnosed with IBS and Gout not pregnancy).

When you have the government involved it turns the whole thing into crap because really what do politicians know about health?  Really what do they know about anything?

Lawyers, politicians, insurance companies - STAY OUT of my healthcare!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

This is funny!

Making fun of those who don't believe that all people should be treated equally...

The French

I'm not a big fan of French food - but I have to say their baked goods are very, very good.

A French bakery just opened up near us and we checked it out the day before yesterday.

It's owned by a real French Pastry Chef.

Who uses butter.

Real butter.


And you all know - everything tastes better with butter.

I had an almond croissant.

And I swear to you that it tasted like it had been soaked in butter then flash fried.

In butter.

Then as an after thought they sprinkled a few almond slivers and threw some powdered sugar on top.

Can I just say it was soooo good that I'm salivating for one right now just telling you about it.

Who knew a croissant could taste so good.

Their Coffee wasn't half bad either - I'm thinking of holding weekend services there.

Still don't have a name for my Coffee based religion...

The only thing that could have made the cafe better was if they had an Italian making the Coffee.

A French Pastry Chef and an Italian Barista.

That my friends is my idea of heaven.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yes, I know.

Again with the coffee.

Or as I like to call it...the elixir of life.

I'm thinking of creating my own religion that centers around Coffee (now that I've elevated it to a religion it MUST be capitalized). 

I'll have special ceremonies and rituals that one must follow. 

Of course there will be varying degrees of worship for the followers.  You can't expect one who is new to Coffee to be able to handle it like one who has been worshiping at the alter of Kona for most of their lives.

And the holiest of all holy places will be Italy.

It is impossible to obtain a bad cup of Coffee in Italy - not even from a vending machine.

And so the Holy Land it must be.

My husband even drinks Coffee in Italy.  And he is not a Coffee drinker.

I know it's tough to maintain a marriage when one is a devoted follower of Coffee and the other isn't.  It's almost heresy.

But I love him, so I guess I can overlook this flaw and keep him.

After all, he does drink Coffee when he's in the Holy Land. 

So there is hope.

But what shall I call this new religion?  Coftopia? Exprester, (that's part espresso and part filter)? Bliss?

Come my fellow Coffee followers, come to me! 

Let us gather round at 10am each morning, grab your cup of Coffee, and a pastry if you so choose.

Come, indulge yourself, wallow in the bliss of the first sip, of the first taste of that wonderful elixir on your tongue.

Inhale the fragrant Coffee aroma, and feel the worries of your life just slip away.

Ahhh Coffee...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Thrill is gone...

Not really but it sounded good.

I read about this on, then watched it on YouTube:

It's a little girl crying for Justin Bieber.  When I heard about this my first thought was...who's Justin Bieber?

Then I watched it, I still don't know who he is but the video of the little girl crying was hilarious!

Apparently she hadn't had a nap and started obsessing over him. 

FYI - I Googled him - he's a singer.  A tween singer.  And he looks like he's 12 years old so I'm not surprised I hadn't heard of him. 

Anyway it made me laugh!

And this, this made me cry.

It's a Blog written by a women in her mid 20's dying of Cystic Fibrosis. 


I'm very excited!  My husband will be home in a few days - and I'm very, very happy about that.

It'll be so nice to see him after 2 weeks of being gone.  He's been in Germany eating weiner schnitzel, sausages, and mustard!  All my favorite foods from Germany!

AND we're going to start booking our beach holiday in Thailand!  YEAH!

We're also going to book our hotel in Valdez so we can make sure we get the room we want.

I can't wait to see my brother when we go to Alaska!

I can't wait to see my buttercup!