Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yes, I know.

Again with the coffee.

Or as I like to call it...the elixir of life.

I'm thinking of creating my own religion that centers around Coffee (now that I've elevated it to a religion it MUST be capitalized). 

I'll have special ceremonies and rituals that one must follow. 

Of course there will be varying degrees of worship for the followers.  You can't expect one who is new to Coffee to be able to handle it like one who has been worshiping at the alter of Kona for most of their lives.

And the holiest of all holy places will be Italy.

It is impossible to obtain a bad cup of Coffee in Italy - not even from a vending machine.

And so the Holy Land it must be.

My husband even drinks Coffee in Italy.  And he is not a Coffee drinker.

I know it's tough to maintain a marriage when one is a devoted follower of Coffee and the other isn't.  It's almost heresy.

But I love him, so I guess I can overlook this flaw and keep him.

After all, he does drink Coffee when he's in the Holy Land. 

So there is hope.

But what shall I call this new religion?  Coftopia? Exprester, (that's part espresso and part filter)? Bliss?

Come my fellow Coffee followers, come to me! 

Let us gather round at 10am each morning, grab your cup of Coffee, and a pastry if you so choose.

Come, indulge yourself, wallow in the bliss of the first sip, of the first taste of that wonderful elixir on your tongue.

Inhale the fragrant Coffee aroma, and feel the worries of your life just slip away.

Ahhh Coffee...

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