Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bad Hair Day, Week, Month...

Yes, I am having a bad hair month.

Actually I've been having bad hair for the past 6 months or so.

It's falling out and no matter how many times I rinse my hair it still feels like it has soap in it.

Apparently both conditions are the result of washing your hair in desalinated water.

So I have nasty funky hair.

That's falling out.

I cannot tell you how traumatic it is to see all my little hairs in the hair brush, on the counter, and on the bathroom floor.

Every morning.

Now this is not a build up of hair (I do have a house maid remember) - this is fresh hanks of hair falling out everyday.

At first I thought - hmmm I must have a thyroid problem - like my Grandmother and my mother.


Went to the doctor, thyroid is fine.

As are my kidneys and my liver (and really I'd rather have my hair fall out than have a problem with one of those!).

So after doing much research and talking to my friends it seems that loss of hair is normal here and it's due to the water.

And I can do one of two things:

1.  Only wash my hair in bottled water
2.  Put a filter on my shower to filter out the minerals from the water

Actually there is a third option;

Do both. 

One of my friends not only has a filter but she only washes her hair with bottled water and doing that apparently stopped the hair loss.

I think I'm only going with option 2 because I don't believe that I'll ever remember to put enough bottled water in the shower to wash my hair. 

So we're going to go tonight to buy the filter. 

Hopefully my hair will grow back.


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