Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Go Ricky! Go Ricky!

Ricky Martin is Gay.


Hmmm, I don't know about you but his sexual orientation really wasn't a surprise to me.

He's pretty, keeps himself up nicely, and is mega talented.  At a minimum my thought was that he was bi-sexual.

A man can be all those things and straight, but usually that's not the case. 

I'm glad he felt comfortable enough to come out, but really it's not anyone's business but his own.

However, I guess as more men and women who are talented, successful, and in the public eye come out, the more acceptable and normal homosexuality will become.

Then maybe they can have the same rights and privileges as the rest of society without anyone obsessing how they spend their free time.

Personally I find it creepy the way people get all upset over same sex partners.  When I think of how much energy they spend trying to keep them from having a legal relationship with one another I pretty much think they must be really angry, really jealous, and really bored.

I mean seriously - don't we have more important things to lobby against, more important causes to spend our money and time on?

You know, starving children, Aids, the homeless, National Debt, battered women, getting Obama out of office...

Seriously, unless you're trying to hook up with a child, or a non-human partner, I could really care less who you take to bed with you at night or to whom you want to bind yourself legally. 

In my opinion (which is always right) everyone should be able to enter into a legal relationship with the person they love. 

It's not fair that I can marry the love of my life, which automatically gives me certain rights and protections under the law, and my sister cannot. 

What makes my love more valid than hers? 

What gives the government the right to decide my love is right and her's is somehow deviant and wrong?  And why are they using God as a reason why?

The government has no right to deny part of the population of rights and privileges the rest of the population enjoys.  Especially based on sexual orientation.

And if a church doesn't believe in homosexuality I don't think they should have to marry a same sex couple.  But I do believe if they don't marry them then they shouldn't enjoy tax exempt status.  If you are a private club and you can reject part of the populous then you shouldn't enjoy any type of government exemptions.  You are practicing discrimination.

Try to deny an inter-racial couple from marrying and see what happens. 

In America all men and women are suppose to be treated equally.  We have anti discrimination laws, and we are so proud of the fact that anyone can be anything in America.  How can we not remove this legal discrimination against a large part of our population?

It's ridiculous.  Just as ridiculous as I find the military for discharging people because they are gay. 

What, do they think being gay is contagious?

Oh my gosh!  I've got the gays!  Quick help me wash it off, maybe it won't stick!

HA!  Idiots!

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