Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wow! New Countries Viewing

I love looking at the Stats on Blogger.

Ever since I figured out that I could see who was looking, and from where I like to keep track and see if there are any new countries viewing.

This is the traffic from the past 24 hours:

Country                                 Page Views

Thailand                                    16
Taiwan                                      16
United Arab Emirates                    3 - This is me
Brazil                                           1
Canada                                        1
China                                           1
Hungary                                       1
United States                                1
This is the first time anyone from Asia has been listed as a viewer. 

I'm pretty sure the Thailand and Taiwan hits are from my Bieber post, the Stats don't indicate what brought them to the site but, personally I think the tweens in Asia are Googling "Justin Bieber dating" and they are getting my blog.
Boy they must be disappointed.  No gossip, just a little Bieber bashing.
And I'm pretty disappointed there were no comments.  I was kinda hoping for something melodramatic, you know like that guy on You Tube.
The one who cries "You leave Britney alone,  SHE'S HUMAN!"
I just watched this again.  I had forgotten how funny this little guy is, I am laughing my ass off. 

It's a good way to start the day.

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  1. Hey Lovely!

    The Netherlands was meeeeee!!!