Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Justin Bieber Dating...Really?!

I'm just going to say this...

This kid Justin Bieber, who says he's 16, looks like he's 12.


And he says he's "looking for a girlfriend he can take home to Mom".


You have GOT to be kidding me!

He looks barely old enough to wipe his own butt much less go on a date.

As you can see I'm not really a fan.  I think he sounds like a girl (good luck with the career when your voice changes, if it changes) and he pretty much looks like one too.

I also think the labor department should get involved - because he looks way too young to be working as much as he is.

I wonder if I'll get any comments on this post as apparently the tweens are fanatics about him.  Tell you what, those little girls parents should be monitoring what they are listening to if it gets them so worked up they "tweet" death threats to Kim Kardashian.


Seriously - do these little kids think for one moment that she would be interested in Justin Bieber in a "dating I wanna have sex with you" way?!

Come on - she's a beautiful WOMAN.  And usually WOMEN want to date MEN.  You know like Reggie Bush.

Really would you choose this:

Over this?

Or this?

When you can get a man who looks like this and is successful - why would one even think that you would be interested in a child.  Because that's what Bieber is...a child.

And when did 16 year olds start looking like small little girls?  When I was 16 they looked a whole lot older than that - I know because I went back and looked at my year book and my photos just to make sure.

What are they feeding kids these days?  Anti aging pills?

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