Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Little Loopy

But I'm back.

Surgery was nerve wracking.

I arrived at about 5.15am got checked in and changed (I hate those hospital gowns) and they took my vitals.

Then the nurse dropped the bomb.

I had to have a shot of Heparin.

In my stomach.

Yep I said it.




So of course I freaked out.

So they gave me the happy medicine sooner rather than later and all was good.

Then they rolled me down to the surgery room - which they said I wouldn't remember - but I do.

And gave me more happy medicine.

Then the next thing I knew I was in recovery.  It's like magic.

Then they told me I had to stay overnight.  Which freaked me out a little because I wasn't expecting that.

But I'm glad they kept me because I was able to get the good pain killers and it really helped to have a bed that you could put at a incline.

Lying flat hurts.

So right now I'm propped up on a ton of pillows.

The staff at St Luke's was really nice - they made the stay pleasant.

Even though I was awakened every 2 hours so they could take my vitals.  Of course they also asked if I was in any pain and when I said yes they would give me something for it.

Gotta love pain meds.


I got out of the hospital yesterday afternoon and my husband booked us into a hotel.

Why you ask?

Well because our furniture still hasn't arrived!

So we're chillin' at the hotel and this morning I felt good enough to want to go to Le Peep for breakfast.

I had a bit of spinach omelette and 1/2 a biscuit.  That was the first food I'd had since Tuesday other than crackers and popsicles.

Then we went to the house to get more pillows for me.

Then for some reason I thought I'd be o.k. to go to the mall.

Big mistake.

All I can say to you is OWEEE.

So my husband brought me back to the hotel where I quickly took my meds, laid down and took a nap.

And I've stayed in bed for the rest of the day.

Lesson learned.

Just because you think you feel good doesn't mean you do, it just means your pain medication is working.

Anyway - I just took more pain medication and now I'm starting to feel it...

Bye bye!

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