Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My First Crock Pot Meal

Believe it or not but I bought a crock pot.

Who knew cooking would be so easy!

I kid you not it took me like 10 minutes to put everything in the pot then I turned it on for 10 hours and left it.

I (or rather IT) made the MOST delicious pulled beef sandwiches!  Just add Cheddar!

The recipe called for a wine, balsamic vinegar, worcestershire sauce, which after cooking, is used for dipping.


I put a 3lb rump roast in the pot but it can hold a bigger one.  So next time I'm going to get the butcher to give me a 6lb one.

I love to freeze food - makes life so simple when you are busy!

I bought the Cuisinart 6.5 quart slow cooker.

Pretty isn't it?!

You're jealous aren't you?!

Don't worry they have more at the store - or Amazon!

Tastee, Tastee, Tastee!

My next cooking attempt is going to be pecan chicken.

I get to beat it with a mallet!

Hopefully I'll remember to take photos!

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