Monday, November 8, 2010

I have nerves...

I have to have surgery on the 18th.

I'm glad because I need it.

But nervous because, well, it's surgery.

And they tell you every teeny tiny little thing that can go wrong.

Like I need to hear that before I go under.

All I can say it that I sure am glad to get that first shot that makes you go night, night!

Then you magically wake up.

On the puppy front -

Gracie is walking on a lead better - not so much stopping and flopping.

She can follow the commands, sit, come, down.

We're working on off - she just started jumping up on us like 2 days ago.

And she's still chasing after the cat.  I can't get her to stop - I thought the cat would have taken care of it by now - she did with Gabi.

I guess she's just old and tired.

Gracie also talks back when you tell her no.

It's funny - but not because I can't figure out how to teach her not to bark.

I guess that's a question for our puppy class tomorrow!

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