Thursday, September 30, 2010

The First Day...


I'm home!  I'm home!

We arrived last night and it's my first morning home.

I dropped the husband off at work, and now life begins.

I drove in rush hour traffic - but did I get frustrated?  Upset?


I'm in America and I was just taking it all in.

The blue sky, the green grass (boy do I miss the color green), the courteous drivers.

Yes, I know in about 6 months I'll be cussing a blue streak at the so called courteous drivers - but really Houstonians drive much better than the drivers in Dubai.

In Dubai the locals (and the expats who've gone native) act like the roads are their own personal race track - I'm not kidding.

I'm driving about 120km an hour (which I think is about 80mph) and they are passing me like I'm standing still.  You do NOT want to be in front of them blocking their way.  It's very dangerous.

Now I'm going to finish up a few things from work - meeting notes and such.

Then I'm going apartment hunting - let's see how long that takes.  I'm thinking a day or two.

Tonight we're buying a car.

And the job hunt is going to be kicked into full gear.

I love my life.

I love my husband.


Monday, September 27, 2010

OMG! It's My Last DAY!

It's my last day in Dubai!

My last night!

And I am so excited to be going home!

This weekend we've already planned to:

1.  Go to Einsteins and Nails by TN
2.  Buy a car for Sammy
3.  Look for an apartment
4.  Visit friends

Think that's too much for the weekend?

Not really - it's surprisingly easy to buy a car in the US when you have a credit history, the same goes for getting an apartment.

So nice to be going home!

I am soooo Not Feelin' Groovy

I went out last night with a friend and my husband.

I had 3 glasses of red wine.

I may as well had 2 bottles.

I feel like shit.

How can one have a hangover like this off two small glasses of wine and one large one?

Thank goodness I didn't do this tomorrow night - I sure as hell don't want to take a 17 hour flight feeling like this.

Of course, feeling miserable might actually take my mind off the fact I'm flying.

I won't have to chant to myself that the air sucks up the wings and that's what's keeping the stupid thing in the air.

I took 3 Advil - why the hell haven't they kicked in yet?!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Here I Sit...

In the hotel room.  It's 7pm and I think it's safe to say...


Can I get whoop, whoop, up in here?!

We have a few things left to do.

1.  Pay the movers.  Seems like they forgot to ask for payment.  Interesting.  It's a good thing I asked.  Because apparently they will not ship anything outside the country until they have payment.  And they forgot to get it from us.

2.  Get the final bill from DEWA (the electric company here) so we can...

3.  Get the deposit back from the landlord.

4.  Get verification that the cat can fly.

5.  LEAVE!

Shakin' my ass, shakin' my ass...

I seem to do a lot of that here in this blog.

Oh well I like it and it is my blog!

Here I go, shakin' my ass, shakin' my ass, shakin' my ass!

Gracie Jane Update!

Here is the new photo of Gracie Jane!  She's about 6 weeks old now.

Isn't she adorable?!

The breeder said that they have put on about 2 or 3lbs but I can't tell because there isn't anything next to her for scale.

When we get here I'll be taking photos so we can document growth - next to a toy maybe?

I can't wait to get home and get settled. 

Only 3 more days!

Life is good...

Really good.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Waiting....

For the movers to get here and finish packing me up.

For the spa to open so I change my appointment because the movers are not finished.

For my neighbor to wake up so I can go and chat while I'm waiting for the movers.

I can't believe I had to get up so early - 5:30 AM.

I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow.

I only have 5 more days left in this country!

I'm wondering if I should create a new blog for the US or just rename this blog.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

In other news - I did NOT eat that doughnut at Starbucks this morning.

THAT took some major will power.

I'm just sayin'.

I HATE Moving

Can I just say to you that I absolutely hate moving.

My husband and I are fighting.

The movers are looking at us like we're pod people.

And they are packing us up.

I'm very glad to be moving to the US, but I'm really, REALLY, stressed out.

So, I went to my neighbors.

With my Vodka.

The good stuff - Belvedere.

I had a generous glass.

So right now I AM DRUNK.

Maybe not the best way to be when moving.

But it was either this or become a raging maniac.

Moving is NO FUN!  Even when you are going to the promise land.

Oh, did I mention that it's only 12 noon now.  I was drinking at 11am.

But it's 5 o'clock somewhere right?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Attention Deficit Disorder.

I had to look up what the D.D. stood for.

I keep starting tasks, then forgetting what I'm doing.

Looking up things on the regulator website for work, then realizing 10 minutes later that, no I didn't mean to look up images for "naked gay sex in the streets". 

I wanted to see if the Nigerian was serious when he said he saw it on the BBC.

He didn't.  You should google it, there are some pretty weird images.

But no naked gay sex in the streets.

Beautiful men with beautiful chests.

No gay sex.

And there I go getting side tracked again.

I should be working, will be working, am going to work.

After all everything has to be tied up before I go!


It's the Final Count Down!

If I remember correctly isn't that a song by Asia?

Am I dating myself?

Anway here are the stats!

I have:

3 days left at work (not counting today)
1 day left until the movers pack me up
7 days until I leave on a jet plane!

I can't believe it's coming up so fast!

We've sold just about everything we wanted to, and the rest is going to a service called Take My Junk UAE.

They take your stuff and either sell or donate it to needy families.

I'm not sure how much actually goes to needy families - to be quite honest I don't care.

They are the only ones I've been able to find who will come take my junk away, so they get it.

We have quite the agenda for the first weekend back home.  My husband wants to buy a car, and I want to find an apartment.

And of course I'll be dealing with Jet Lag.


Which means I'll be ready for bed everyday for a week or so at 6pm.  I always feel like I've been drugged when I go home.  And when I fly to Dubai.  But flying to Europe is pretty easy - it's just anything over 12 hours kicks my ass.

Then the 2nd weekend we are home we're going to get Gracie Jane!  Unless we can't get an apartment right away.  Then we'll have to wait.

I bought the dog whisperer book on how to raise a puppy since I've only raised a dog from about 4 - 6 months old not 8 weeks old.

I figured I'd need a little more info and guidance on how to take care of a baby puppy.  And of course it's been a long, long time since I had a dog of 6 months.  Like 9 years ago.

I'm really looking forward to seeing her grow up.  I'm sure I'll be posting tons of photos of the little fattie as she grows.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Say Hello to Gracie Jane!

We got a new puppy. 

Yes, I know it seems quick, since Gabi passed away on August 11.

But I think Gracie Jane was meant for us.  She was born on August 12.

My husband and I had been talking about when we thought we would get another dog and what kind.  He had mentioned American Mastiffs a while ago so I started researching them to see if they would be a good fit.

Because you know, we are not the high energy, must run everyday without fail, working dog kinda people.  We are more the laid back, take a leisurely walk everyday, and socialize with the other dog owners, kinda people.

And guess what!  They are a good match for us...they are very calm, social dogs who are protective of their families.  Which is great - a dog that gets along when you take it to the park but will be a bit protective if someone breaks into the house in the middle of the night.

Anyway when I was checking to see if they had any breeders in Texas I came across the breeder site.

And there is one in Texas:

So I go on the website and what do I see? 


Lots of puppies.

10 to be exact - AND there were two females that had not been placed into homes yet.

So I sent the breeder a note, saying that we wouldn't be back in the States until the beginning of October and most likely not be able to get a new dog until November at the earliest and when did they think the next litter would be born.

Well she came back and said, well if you want one of the remaining females we can keep her for you until mid November.

So I ask my husband, do you think we should get one?  He's like sure why not?

So now we have a new puppy, and we'll most likely pick her up the 2nd weekend in October!


So now without further is Gracie Jane!

Isn't she just the cutest thing you've ever seen?!  Look at that face!

I can't wait to meet her!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

International Moves

Are very stressful and frustrating.

My husband and I are tense, have had some spats, and I feel super stressed out regarding the schedule.

6 more days of work.

3 more days until they pack us out.

10 more days until we leave.

What to take?

What to sell?

And why am I getting freaky about things.

That just. Don't. Matter.

You know like should we bring these glasses?  Or get rid of them?

I'm like NO leave them, he's like YES take them.

But really who gives a crap?

They don't add any extra weight or cost to the move.

So really it's just not a big deal.

Oh and guess what - I broke a fricken mirror.

What does one have to do to negate the 7 years of bad luck?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feelin' Groovy...

I'm getting ready to go out.

With my Dubai friends...

To have tea at the Ritz.

I was thinking...wouldn't a whiskey be nice...?

So I had one.

So now I'm feelin good

I'm feelin groovy

And I'm off (in a Taxi) to have high tea, or the Dubai equivalent.

There is a bar at the Ritz...

Maybe instead of tea, I'll have "Tea".

In Whiskey form.

Hmmmm, I wonder what single malts they have.

It is the Ritz.

I have high expectations.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wow! New Countries Viewing

I love looking at the Stats on Blogger.

Ever since I figured out that I could see who was looking, and from where I like to keep track and see if there are any new countries viewing.

This is the traffic from the past 24 hours:

Country                                 Page Views

Thailand                                    16
Taiwan                                      16
United Arab Emirates                    3 - This is me
Brazil                                           1
Canada                                        1
China                                           1
Hungary                                       1
United States                                1
This is the first time anyone from Asia has been listed as a viewer. 

I'm pretty sure the Thailand and Taiwan hits are from my Bieber post, the Stats don't indicate what brought them to the site but, personally I think the tweens in Asia are Googling "Justin Bieber dating" and they are getting my blog.
Boy they must be disappointed.  No gossip, just a little Bieber bashing.
And I'm pretty disappointed there were no comments.  I was kinda hoping for something melodramatic, you know like that guy on You Tube.
The one who cries "You leave Britney alone,  SHE'S HUMAN!"
I just watched this again.  I had forgotten how funny this little guy is, I am laughing my ass off. 

It's a good way to start the day.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am the Mayor of CrAzY ToWn

I got a phone call last night, about midnight.

From someone close to me, who lives in crazy town.

SP you are no longer the Mayor / President / Ruler of Crazy Town.

That distinction belongs to me now.

This person, who I love, have always loved, will always love, is Fuckin' CRAZY.


Use to be a crack dealer - but stopped.

Use to be a crack head - but stopped.

Now I find out that this person:

Used Meth

Dealt Meth

Manufactured Meth


Apparently that is no longer the case which is why they felt like they could let me know.


Fucking METH?!

How in the HELL can a person have that kind of life and not be completely stressed the Fuck out?!

Oh, because they are HIGH.

ARGH!  I will never understand this.

Sweet little baby Jesus.

I will always love this person, but I will NEVER understand this person.

Justin Bieber Dating...Really?!

I'm just going to say this...

This kid Justin Bieber, who says he's 16, looks like he's 12.


And he says he's "looking for a girlfriend he can take home to Mom".,,20425600,00.html

You have GOT to be kidding me!

He looks barely old enough to wipe his own butt much less go on a date.

As you can see I'm not really a fan.  I think he sounds like a girl (good luck with the career when your voice changes, if it changes) and he pretty much looks like one too.

I also think the labor department should get involved - because he looks way too young to be working as much as he is.

I wonder if I'll get any comments on this post as apparently the tweens are fanatics about him.  Tell you what, those little girls parents should be monitoring what they are listening to if it gets them so worked up they "tweet" death threats to Kim Kardashian.

Seriously - do these little kids think for one moment that she would be interested in Justin Bieber in a "dating I wanna have sex with you" way?!

Come on - she's a beautiful WOMAN.  And usually WOMEN want to date MEN.  You know like Reggie Bush.

Really would you choose this:

Over this?

Or this?

When you can get a man who looks like this and is successful - why would one even think that you would be interested in a child.  Because that's what Bieber is...a child.

And when did 16 year olds start looking like small little girls?  When I was 16 they looked a whole lot older than that - I know because I went back and looked at my year book and my photos just to make sure.

What are they feeding kids these days?  Anti aging pills?

Monday, September 13, 2010

No More Arabic Please!

I really do not like it when my web pages are flipped to Arabic.

I mean I've been typing and reading everything in English, my country is marked as America, yet my browser keeps flipping to Arabic.

My blogger page, my are both now in Arabic.

Because I can't even begin to read it and it's left to right instead of right to left I have to click on everything until I click on the English button on my Blogger page. 

I have to Google, so I can choose the English site - which may take awhile because the "smart" computer which identifies where you are physically keeps flippin me back to the Arabic site.


I feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football.

You know what!?  I'm going to be back home in time to watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on TV this year!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cleaning out the Clutter

I spent the weekend going through my things in preparation to move.

Well, o.k. I really only spend part of Saturday.

Friday  I hung out with friends. 

At the mall.

Where I bought a really cute necklace.

I do love to shop.

And Saturday morning my husband and I went and had coffee.  It was tastee...


I chucked out a lot of things,

Expired sun tan lotion - the expiration date was in 2007...OUCH!

Expired vitamins - 2009

Old make-up - no idea how old it was and couldn't remember ever using it - so trash.

Elastic bands that were no longer elastic.

Random papers.

And of course I threw out things I didn't mean to throw out...

My nail clippers.

My eye pencil that I use everyday.

Safety pins.

And who knows what else.

But you know what?  My bathroom looks really organized now.  As do my drawers and my closet.

AND I posted some stuff on Dubizzel (the equivalent of Craig's List over here) and it all sold with in about 4 hours!!!!

I am so psyched! 

16 Days Left!!!

I only have 16 days left until I get to leave!!!!

Then I'm back in America!

For good!


Whooop! Whooop!  Shakin my ass, shakin my ass...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9-11 Remember

“There is no grief like the grief that does not speak” --- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pizzeria Uno

Yeah I know.

And no, today I can't think of anything better to blog about.

I think I have bloggers block.

Last night I went and had pizza with friends.

As you know, I don't usually agree to go out for pizza, I pretty much don't like pizza.

But this pizza...this pizza is GOOD.

I'm certain they make the crust with BUTTER!

It's just sooo YUMMY!

And as you know - I cannot resist baked goods with butter!

And the chain is American.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

AMERICA! The Job Hunt...Starts!

This is why I love America:

"Hi Judith.  Welcome back!  We have not met but thought I would reach out and see if we can meet.  Your resume online seems to indicate you are moving back this month.  If you are here I would like to work with you to see if I  can help you find a new role.  I am a fiannce and accounting recruiter here in Houston and have been in this business for 7 years.  Prior to that I was a CFO in a publicly held company.  Would be delighted to work with you.  Thanks for the reply.  Look forward to meeting you and see if we can find a new role for you in Houston. "

This was from a recruiter who pulled my CV from Monster, which I updated on Sunday indicating that I was moving back to the US in September and would be available for a J.O.B.  

Now she spelled finance wrong, but really it's about the fact that a real person wrote me regarding employment.

In America.

And...guess what?!

She didn't ask for a photo.

She didn't ask for my nationality.

Or my age.

Or my passport number.

Go figure.

A real inquiry from a real person.

That acts professional (except for the spelling error).

I wonder how long it will take me to find a job in the US...

Ain't life grand?

Oh sorry - Ain't AMERICA GRAND!

No Corn Tortillas

Here's reason 1,687 that I'm glad to be moving back to the US.

Supply Chain Management.

When you go to the grocery store here it's hit and miss.

Yes, they import way more American items than the UK did.

But it's not consistent. 

So sometimes you can get corn tortillas, but most of the time you can't find them to save your life.

Like last night.

I wanted corn tortillas to make something similar to Taquitos.  But no go.

But I did find a few cans of Bush's Black Beans.  So I picked up 3 cans.

I didn't buy them all because after all....


So I don't have to horde food when I find it any more!

Actually I'm trying to eat through everything I have now. 

I think I have about 20 cans of Rotel.  I don't think I'll be finishing that off before I leave.

I'll try - but I'd have to eat one can a day.

And yeah.  That's not happening.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Only in Dubai

My husband and I went out to dinner on Friday night.

We went to PF Chang's - where they have imported American Chef's and American management.

Go America.

So it's a slice of the US in the Middle East.

So tastee!

Anyway - we pop into Crate and Barrel (yes the mall we went to is US focused - they also have a Pottery Barn!).

And guess what we see.

Parents checking their bags in with the security guard.

Oh, and their children!

Ha ha ha ha!

The kids were left in the carts, with the bags, with the security guard!

Who was playing with the kids while the parents shopped!

Only in Dubai would it be normal and acceptable to leave your kids with a stranger!

Of course in Denmark they leave the kids in their strollers outside the shops, in the streets, by themselves.

No kidding.  In the street.

It's a pedestrian street, but still...

I guess people don't take kids over there, or over here.

Or it's so rare parents don't even think about it.