Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cleaning out the Clutter

I spent the weekend going through my things in preparation to move.

Well, o.k. I really only spend part of Saturday.

Friday  I hung out with friends. 

At the mall.

Where I bought a really cute necklace.

I do love to shop.

And Saturday morning my husband and I went and had coffee.  It was tastee...


I chucked out a lot of things,

Expired sun tan lotion - the expiration date was in 2007...OUCH!

Expired vitamins - 2009

Old make-up - no idea how old it was and couldn't remember ever using it - so trash.

Elastic bands that were no longer elastic.

Random papers.

And of course I threw out things I didn't mean to throw out...

My nail clippers.

My eye pencil that I use everyday.

Safety pins.

And who knows what else.

But you know what?  My bathroom looks really organized now.  As do my drawers and my closet.

AND I posted some stuff on Dubizzel (the equivalent of Craig's List over here) and it all sold with in about 4 hours!!!!

I am so psyched! 

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