Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am the Mayor of CrAzY ToWn

I got a phone call last night, about midnight.

From someone close to me, who lives in crazy town.

SP you are no longer the Mayor / President / Ruler of Crazy Town.

That distinction belongs to me now.

This person, who I love, have always loved, will always love, is Fuckin' CRAZY.


Use to be a crack dealer - but stopped.

Use to be a crack head - but stopped.

Now I find out that this person:

Used Meth

Dealt Meth

Manufactured Meth


Apparently that is no longer the case which is why they felt like they could let me know.


Fucking METH?!

How in the HELL can a person have that kind of life and not be completely stressed the Fuck out?!

Oh, because they are HIGH.

ARGH!  I will never understand this.

Sweet little baby Jesus.

I will always love this person, but I will NEVER understand this person.

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