Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rollin with the homies....

That song is in my head.


There that's better...

Our stuff still hasn't arrived yet.

I'm a little sick of having no furniture.

Actually I an SUPER sick of having no furniture.  I dropped a note to the girl who is suppose to be "co-ordinating" the shipping to see where are things are and she says:

"Dear Judith,
I'm sorry but the update has not changed as of yet. Hopefully when this is supposed to arrive to the Bahamas tomorrow they will give me additional information for this. Again I'm sorry I don't have better news. I hope to be able to update you again within the next few days."

So I wrote back:

"Thank you Jessica.

I have a question.

My understanding is that shipping lines have schedules for their ships.  While I understand things can happen (storms, mechanical failure etc...) which would impact this schedule, I fail to understand how the company cannot give us an expected arrival date.  They must have some sort of schedule otherwise how are they getting business?  Most freighters have to have some kind of target arrival date otherwise company's wouldn't engage their services.

Can you please either question the freighter company and strongly request an estimated date of arrival and reason for the delay or give me their contact details and I'll contact them for the information.


So she wrote back that the office is closed and she'll get back with me.

If I don't hear anything tomorrow - I'm going to call her.

Thanks goodness for our friends who loaned us a card table, folding chairs and dishes.

Anyway since I don't have furniture I'm obsessing over furniture.

So we were shopping this past weekend and I found the couch I want to buy when we get a house.

It's from Restoration Hardware and I love it - the Mr. didn't even argue when he saw it.  We may even get it sooner rather than later.  But first I need a J.O.B.

We also like this bed from RH.

I like this chair because it fits me.

I may get two and put a table between so there is a small seating area.

I also kinda like this instead of night stands.

It looks like a night stand to me - but it's listed as a "trunk".

Go figure.

Anyway I guess my shopping will be virtual until I'm working and the stuff I already own gets here.

What a





On the bright side...


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