Sunday, March 21, 2010

I CANNOT Believe this

The health care bill passed.

Obama is jumping up and down, the Democrats are having a victory dance.


They have no idea what they have done because they've never experienced any healthcare system other than the American one. 

In theory it might me nice to change it, but in practice they have no idea what they have done.

We - the middle class - are going to be sucked under, we are going to drown under the weight of all the tax we will have to pay.

For what will be the shittiest healthcare that America has ever experienced.

This is the end of the American Dream.

"To pay for the changes, the legislation includes more than $400 billion in higher taxes over a decade, roughly half of it from a new Medicare payroll tax on individuals with incomes over $200,000 and couples over $250,000. A new excise tax on high-cost insurance policies was significantly scaled back in deference to complaints from organized labor.

In addition, the bills cut more than $500 billion from planned payments to hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and other providers that treat Medicare patients. An estimated $200 billion would reduce planned subsidies to insurance companies that offer a private alternative to traditional Medicare.

The insurance industry warned that seniors would face sharply higher premiums as a result, and the Congressional Budget Office said many would return to traditional Medicare as a result.

The subsidies are higher than those for seniors on traditional Medicare, a difference that critics complain is wasteful, but insurance industry officials argue goes into expanded benefits."

Not only are we going to drown under the weight of the cost of this - senior citizens are going to be taxed at higher rates and they are going to get less coverage.

And this bill decreases payments to the doctors and hospitals!


I can tell you what's going to happen. We're going to be poorer. There are going to be less doctors because they will make less and nothing was done to address the incredible amounts they have to pay to get a medical degree and pay for malpractice.

So it won't be an attractive career path. So guess what? We'll get more mediocre doctors like they have in the UK who have no idea what they are doing and who are treated like crap by the government.

The bureaucracy that will be created by the government to "run" the healthcare system will mean it will be over priced - we the consumers will be under served. It will be one great big cluster fuck. And we'll end up like the English. We'll survive in spite of our healthcare system. Not because of it.

If we can afford it we'll all be going to Asia to see the doctor. And we'll be drowning in debt while we struggle to get there.

Asia anyone....

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