Monday, March 15, 2010

Web Design Anyone?

Well I tried to change my blog layout.

As you can tell - it didn't go to well.  I switched back to the original design.

I wanted to go with a more coffee themed background, but the one I picked made reading my blog impossible.

And it took away my ability to change the fonts size and color.  So I had Giganormous lettering that had a color about one shade off from the background color.

Which really makes reading difficult.

I was disappointed to say the least, but I saved a back up copy of my template so all was not lost.

Thank goodness.

I guess my blog is not meant to be Prity like others. 

It's meant to be functional.  Which is the same as boring. 

On the bright side I did figure out how to put a map on my blog. 

Of course the site did it for you, but I pressed the button!

A web designer I am not.

Maybe I'll take a class when I move back home.

Then again - maybe I won't.

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