Sunday, July 4, 2010

My poor little dog...

My furbaby.

The little love of my life...well not exactly that little, she weighs about 45lbs.

She is a bit of a chunk, I thought I had a photo of her on this computer to show you, but I don't.

Anyway, Friday morning at about 4am I wake up to a terrible noise.

Gabi is throwing up.

So I hop out of bed and flick the light on and what do I see?!


Two big puddles of blood.

So of course I freak out throw on some street clothes, wake up my husband, and then run downstairs to get the emergency number for the vet.

I call, then look at my phone in confusion to check the number, then call again.

Guess what?!  The SOB who's suppose to be on call has switched off his / her phone.

I couldn't believe it!

So I proceed to look up every emergency vet in Dubai and then start calling.

Someone must have an emergency back up that's actually answering their phones right?!


I called every number I could find in Dubai, Sharjah and even some in Abu Dhabi.  Not one FRICKEN person had their phone turned on or if they did they didn't answer it.

So we had to wait until the vet opened.

At 9am.

So we're waiting and Gabi throws up again.  More blood.

And she's looking so pathetic.

And I'm getting really pissed off.

So 8:30 rolls around and we take off for the vet.  About 8:45 a woman calls me and says she had a missed call did we have an emergency?

I'm like YES!  Why didn't you answer your phone? 

She tells me that it's her personal number and that she has a personal life.

I'm like really!?  If you put your number out there you should answer it! 

She starts whining that she can't be on call all the time so I hang up on her.

Correct me if I'm wrong but if you don't want to take a call on your "personal" time - don't post your damn number on the internet next to the phrase, "For emergencies call...".

I guess if you're too stupid to realize that, I don't really want you looking at my dog anyway.

Then about 9:00 another guy calls my phone and says - I have a missed call, do you have an emergency? 

Yes, as a matter of fact I do, my dog has been puking blood since 4 am - but since no one answered the emergency lines and it's now 9am we're at the vet.

No thanks to you. 

Then I hung up on that guy too.

So I leave my poor little dog at the vet and the vet calls me later and says - she seems to be fine, it's most likely just an ulcer - you can come pick her up.  If she has any more problems we'll do additional checks.

I'm like HELL NO! - you need to have a look inside her stomach or do an ultra sound or something to make sure she's not riddled with tumors (she just had one removed). SHE WAS PUKING COPIOUS AMOUTS OF BLOOD!

Why am I the only one who sees this as a problem?

Anyway, it did end up being an ulcer - but there are so many other things it could have been and I am so not one of those people who believe it leaving something until it really becomes a problem.

Like on what planet is puking up puddles of blood not a problem?!

Anyway, when there is a problem (as defined by me) I want a definitive answer as to what is wrong, and then I want to know how to treat it and then get on with treatment.

I'm not into the UK way of solving problems.  Wait until the person, animal, plant, dies because it'll be cheaper in the long run, 'cause then all you have to do is bury the problem.


So needless to say, the vets here are nothing like the ones back home.

I mean after all one of the vets here wanted to amputate Gabi's leg because she has arthritis.

Sounds like a good treatment to me...

Oh she's limping - let's amputate.

Good call!

If you know me you can hear the sarcasm dripping off my tongue.  If you don't, just imagine the most sarcastic person you've ever heard speaking.

Anyway my little noodle is back home, snoozing with her tongue hanging out.

Life is good again.

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