Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jet lag is not my friend

I'm sitting here in my friend's house, updating my blog.


Do you want to know why?!

Cause even though I stayed up until 9pm yesterday and slept until 6am this morning, I feel asleep at 4pm today.

And kept on sleeping until midnight.  At which point I woke up.

All the way up.

Wide awake up.

So now I'm on facebook, my blog, and I'm watching really bad Sci Fi.

The velociraptors are trying to kill the paramilitary group.  On a deserted, volcanic island.

So far the velociraptors are winning.

I had my left over pad thai for dinner / breakfast?  Not sure what you would call it at this point.

I also had a little debbie oatmeal snack cake.

I'd been dreaming about those for a while.


I have to say - there are really bad commercials on at this time of night.

I guess I'll read for awhile...

Ciao Ciao

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