Thursday, January 28, 2010

The State of the Union

Well, I just read the State of the Union.

And I have to say it was a very nice speech.


Reading it I was struck by the fact that when Obama says:

"Next, we need to encourage American innovation. Last year, we made the largest investment in basic research funding in history – an investment that could lead to the world’s cheapest solar cells or treatment that kills cancer cells but leaves healthy ones untouched. And no area is more ripe for such innovation than energy. You can see the results of last year’s investment in clean energy – in the North Carolina company that will create 1200 jobs nationwide helping to make advanced batteries; or in the California business that will put 1,000 people to work making solar panels."

"It lives on in the struggling small business owner who wrote to me of his company, “None of us,” he said, “…are willing to consider, even slightly, that we might fail.”"

"It lives on in the woman who said that even though she and her neighbors have felt the pain of recession, “We are strong. We are resilient. We are American.”"
There are no references.  Not to a specific person, company, or even White House website where I can look up the various companies who are benefiting from the stimulus package.  Now I know I can go to 

to look up the progress.  But I have a feeling he doesn't want to point anyone to it because the numbers are so tiny.  We've spent about a trillion dollars and only 640,00 jobs were saved?!

Reading the State of the Union it seems to suggest so much more.  My opinion is that the government is hemorrhaging money.  And I'm guessing that a good bit of it gets eaten up by bureaucracy.  

For example, one of the biggest recipients of the aid is CH2M Hill at 1.3 million, I'm sure they need the money.  And from the description of the project they need it for transportation and disposal of hazardous waste.  This is something that would normally be funded by the government.  So really were the jobs saved?  Or did a government project get funded by the stimulus instead of funds from the EPA?  Its creative accounting.  Shifting the cost of doing business from one department - the EPA - to another - Recovery.  

Government is too expensive.  And Obama wants to make it more so.  There is no room for innovation or streamlining processes when you work for the government because everything has to go through 10 people to be approved or considered.  That's one of the reasons why I'm so against socializing medicine.

Healthcare quality will suffer and we'll have the same problems the UK have.  All the money will got to "administration" and none will filter down to the doctors and hospitals. Doctors will be laid off like postal workers in the States, housekeeping will be sub-standard, and the patients will suffer.

Anyway since they are spending my money. I want less government and more free market movement.  

Capitalism.  I love it.

America.  Love it too.

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