Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pros / Cons of Moving Back to America

I worry, I'm a worrier. The thing that I worry about with moving back to the US is that I won't get to see my husband, then our marriage will fall apart. Blah - I do not want that.

That is the only con to moving home.

The ONLY one.

But it's a big one - big enough to cancel out all the pros.

I must really love my husband because here are all the pros to moving home:

1. I can have my own house again (buy not rent).

2. I can see my friends easily - both those in Houston and those in other parts of the States.

3. I can do volunteer work.

4. I can join clubs that are meaningful for women.

5. I will be able to find a job more easily and be compensated properly - even in the middle of a recession.

6. I'll get paid on time.

7. I'll have a career track if I want one or I can work contract - my choice.

8. I don't need my husband's permission for anything.

9. I'm protected if anything happens to my husband - our assets will go to me not his father.

10. Easier to exercise - well it may not be easier in reality, but for some reason psychologically it's easier.

11. Better healthcare.

12. I can take a wider range of classes - i.e. felt making.

13. My sister is near.

14. It's America - even if Obama is trying to turn it into a socialist society.

So yeah I really, really love my husband - because those are a lot of pros and only one con.

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