Sunday, January 31, 2010

Marriage Counseling Anyone?!

I was just passed this article from the Gulf News. And nope it's not an article from the 20's it's an article from November 1, 2009.

Yep - November 1, 2009. Not 1920, 2009.

Here is the link to the article:

It's nice to know there are such progressive thoughts in the world. I'll have to keep this in mind when dealing with my husband.

I need to be careful not to exhibit "bizarre behavior" such as not being responsive to his needs. Lord knows I don't want to be divorced because I didn't bring my husband a glass of water in an appropriate amount of time.

I also do not want to incur my husband's displeasure and have him impose the terrifying "gradual edifying reconciliation method" to discipline me. After all I wouldn't want him to "whip" me "gently" in order to make me understand the "situation".

By understanding the situation I assume he means "help me" understand that not salting my husband's food appropriately is such an egregious error that I must be whipped for it.

Gently of course.

I mean really! Can you believe this?!

This is a real honest to God article in one of the 2 major newspapers here in the UAE.

Divorce is apparently granted to men on the grounds of lax service, bad cooking, and one guy was even granted a divorced because his wife interrupted his football game.


And the advice the guy gives in his column - by the way he's
 suppose to be a marriage counselor with the courts - is to not sleep in the same room as your wife to correct her behavior.

Because clearly if the wife is not waiting on him hand and foot properly, she needs to be corrected.  A man should never be required to get off his fat ass to get his own water, or salt his own food.

That would be unreasonable.


Men are obviously incompetent and unable to look after themselves.

And if a man's wife is not taking care of him properly, AND if punishing her by sleeping in a separate room doesn't work, then according to this guy the husband is obligated to "gently whip" his wife so she can see the error of her ways.

I'd like to see my husband try to "gently whip" me. Especially for not bringing him his glass of water in a timely manner.

I'd hurt him.

This guy is either not married or he beats his wife.  If he's not married I don't think he will be anytime soon with this kind of view on marriage.

Oh and by the way did I mention that this article is in the crime section of the news?


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