Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Can I just say I spent the evening experiencing bliss?

One of my good friends gave me a massage / facial for my birthday.

And I went last night to enjoy my gift, and it was pure bliss.

I feel asleep about 3 times - and woke myself up snoring...

Or maybe that was Gabi because I'm a delicate flower, and everyone knows delicate flowers don't snore.

She must have snuck into the massage room.

From our house.

All by herself.

Man I have a smart dog!

This morning I'm all nice and loose and I feel ggggoooodddd.

Drinking my coffee. 

My tastee coffee.

The only way this morning would be better is if I didn't have to work.

And I was either wallowing in my bed (which as you all know I love to do).


If I were at a cafe with my husband, with a small knosh and my coffee.

The morning is still pretty good, even if I am at work.


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