Friday, January 22, 2010

O.K. Really?!

When I read this I couldn't believe it.

Yep - it's what the link says - a HUMAN bed warmer.


I know that many people sleep in hotel beds, I know that I can't be sure the sheets have been changed (but I do pull them back to make sure there is no hair in the bed).

But really, I don't want to crawl into bed, knowing that it is warm because some stranger was laying in it.

That grosses me out on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL.

Ladies and Gentlemen - I will NOT be staying at any hotel that thinks it's O.K. to have a person, dressed in an adult onesie, lay in my bed to warm it up before I get in it.

What do you do stand there and have a random conversation with the person in the bed? Then jump in when they crawl out? Because I can tell you my bed cools down pretty fast once I crawl out of it, so there must be an instantaneous switch so the sleeper can enjoy the warmth of the bed.

Can I say again ICK.

Jeez - how bored was this person when they thought this up? And clearly the person doesn't have hang ups. Neither did any of the people who supported this.

For anyone who has worked in a large company - this type of idea would have had to go up the chain of command and been approved at least 4 times before being implemented.

Who were these people who thought this was a good idea?!

This just killed my Friday bliss.

I need more coffee to get it back.

Really?! Lord. I'm adding a new label - WTF?

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