Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spanking Your Kids

I like these articles:

They confirm what I've always thought. Kids need to be spanked.

Not all the time.

But sometimes.

It's one of my pet peeves. Out of control kids, who are never spanked.

I was spanked and I think I turned out pretty good. And my parents were not by any stretch of the imagination good parents.

But the one thing they did right, spanking.

We learned our limits, we learned what behavior was acceptable in public.

And most importantly:

We learned to respect our elders.

Kids now a days will flip you the bird if you tell them to stop running in the mall.

I have a neighbor who can't figure out why her 13 year old won't listen to her. She has no follow through.

You can threaten all day long, but if you don't have any follow through you're just teaching your kid they don't have to listen to authority. They have a sense of entitlement, they flip off the police. They are very unpleasant to be around.

We haven't seen our niece or nephew in about 5 years because the in-laws don't believe in telling them no, much less spank them. As a result they are demon spawn. To the point the Montessori school their eldest was in when she was 5 told them they needed to do something about her.

A hippie Montessori school.

That should tell you something. That child needed her butt smacked in the worse possible way. She was so out of control. But her parents wouldn't do anything, so we won't go see them. At all.

When I was a kid these are the things that got us a spanking:

Talking back - that was a smack in the mouth. Needless to say we didn't do it, and it only took one smack in the mouth to learn that. Pretty simple huh. No yelling, no screaming, just one smack. No blood drawn, no bruises, just a simple smack that startled more than hurt.

Acting up in public - this included fighting with my sister. That was a smack on the butt. Bare butt if you didn't stop the first time you were told. Again - no bruises. It just stung and it was embarrassing. My mother didn't even do it in public, it was always when we got home. But it was embarrassing just the same.

Cussing - either a smack in the mouth if it was bad enough or my father would wash our mouths out with soap. Another good punishment. Doesn't hurt, just tastes nasty.

Lying - which was the worse thing you could do according to my father. If he caught you in a lie your butt was going to be red. I learned that if you do something wrong you admit it, take your punishment, make if better if you could, then move on.

A lot more people need to learn that lesson.

My father's opinion regarding liars - once you lied no one could ever trust you again. Same goes for cheaters. Never be a liar or a cheat he would say. No one will respect you.

And lord you better not come home having been spanked by the teacher in school. Because my parents knew that we were spanked for a reason. Not like parents today who freak out at the thought of their little angles being spanked by the teacher. My parents knew we did something wrong, and we better tell the truth about it because not only would we get spanked for being spanked in school, but we would get spanked for lying about it.

And when we turned about 8 years old we were sat down and told we were too old to spank. I think that's appropriate - by 8 you should know how to act in public and to your elders.

I'm all for spanking - kids today are hellions. They're like dogs - you have to train them before they are tolerable. If you don't train them don't bring them out in public because the only person who likes your children is you.

And if you don't train them don't blame society on the fact that they have problems socializing, have no friends, and that you are losing them. It's your fault.

Don't get me wrong I'm fully aware once a kid hits their teens they have a mind of their own - no matter how well they were brought up. I'm talking about kids, 13 and under. Although 13 may be pushing it.

I know what I was like when I hit 15.

On the surface all sweetness and light, underneath I was a little hellion. I snuck out of the house, had boyfriends in the house when my mother was gone. But I knew how to behave.

I knew how to say; Yes Sir, Yes Ma'm and the adults were for the most part pretty happy with me.

Not like kids today - it's all yeah ,what and grunts.

The only time I interact with children willingly is through friends I have with children. These are friends who actually have taken the time to raise their kids. I have quite a few friends with kids and without exception they are well behaved.

No matter how much I liked them - if their kids weren't behaving I couldn't spend time in their company. And if your friends have kids, and you want to keep those friends, you spend time with them both. And I have to say, my friends kids are fun. And I like them.

I hope that the more info that comes out in favor of spanking, kids are way the hell out of hand and people need to start to realize that the saying spare the rod spoil the child is true.

At the very least popping your kids once in a while would make eating in restaurants and shopping a much more pleasant experience for those of us who have chosen not to have them.

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