Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What a waste...

I joined a gym.

I've been about 5 times.

In two months.

I don't think this is working out for me, I should know by now that joining a gym is just a waste of money.

For me anyway.

Unless I have someone meeting me there I just can't be bothered.  I'm one of those people who need a work out partner.  I don't like being alone when I exercise.

It's boring.

Too bad my husband doesn't work out - that would make it so much easier to get into and keep in shape.

God knows we both need to exercise. 

There are so many good things about being in shape.

Good health, good mood, better sex.

And really the best thing about being in shape...

Being able to wear anything.

It is so much more fun to go shopping when you are fit - let me tell you.

I use to be able to pull anything off the rack and the only problem I really had was the waist was too big.

Cause even when I'm skinny I'm Lush.

Or if you prefer Voluptuous.

What can I say - I have curves. 

My body shape was the rage in the 50's.  Which is why I prefer those styles - I rock 'em.

I could have been a pin up in the 50's.  I have/had the bust, waist, hip measurements for it.

But alas and alak I live in the 2000's, the 00's?  What do you call it when you are at the beginning of a century?  The Naughts? The O's?

Anyway - I guess I'll go back to work and think on the fact I'm not using the gym...

NOT!  (I'm laughing, I'm laughing!)

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