Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today is a Prolific Blog Day

I can't believe that I'm writing a 3rd entry today.

But I can't help myself - I've been thinking...

About coffee...

Ahhh coffee...

My favorite right now is Arabian Mocha Sanani.

It's grown in Yemen.

And of course it seems like the whole of Dubai is out of it.

I like it - so it's not available.

Kinda like last year in Dubai when you couldn't buy chicken for the whole of the summer.

I'm serious - no chicken for about 3 months.

It's a supply chain nightmare.

So now I'm trying something different because the best anyone can tell me at Starbucks is:

"Maybe next month ma'am, we get it".

They have no idea if it's going to be ordered again, if it's discontinued, or if it's on its way.

Sooooo.......we'll see - I can tell you this if I find it again I'm buying as many bags as I can get my hot little hands on and freezing them.

The other reason I decided to write again is dinner.


Indian food.  Yuck.

We're meeting my Father-in-law and about 10 other relatives at an Indian restaurant.

Which is fine - I like my FiL, but I am not a big fan of Indian food.

So I'm going to mix me a toddy.

A nice single malt toddy.

Put it in a "to go" coffee receptacle.

Pick the hubby up from the airport (he's in Kuwait).

Let him drive while I have a wee tipple.

And a hamburger.

ohhh that sounds really yummy.

Or a Corona and a burger - oh! oh! oh!

That sounds better than the single malt, an ice cold Corona and a burger.

I know, I know, a beer over single malt is heresy.  But I swear it's only this once that it sounds better - after all it's 3pm and 116F outside.

Yes I said 116F.

It's HOT.

I actually had the ice cold Corona/hamburger combo in Thailand a few times.

It was VERY tastee!

Too bad I can't do that here.

That's O.K. - a single malt is still very tastee.

But I'd rather pair that with a fat cigar, having girl talk with SP.

Which I will be doing in about 5 weeks when I'm in the US!!!


I cannot wait!

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