Monday, June 21, 2010

My Crack Dealer

I have to go see my Crack Dealer tonight (aka my hair dresser).  He's leaving town for his vacation and won't be back until I'm gone on my vacation.

Which means I had to move my appointment up about a week or so which means that I'm really going to need my hair done by the time I get back from my holiday. 

Unless I let someone in Houston do my hair.  Which is kinda scary since I haven't had a hair dresser in the States since March 2005.

But I'll have to do something or my hair will be looking pretty scary.

Scary enough that small children will be running, screaming for their mommies.  Men and women will pass out from the fright of it all!

It'll be chaos!

It'll be scary!

And it just might be fun to scare everyone with my hideousness!

I have to tell you, I'm sitting here laughing my ass off right now with the images in my head.

I crack me up!!!

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