Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Guess what?! My Bliss has not been found.

Let me clarify, my Arabian Mocha Sanani has not been found.

As a matter of fact the SOB's at Starbucks have discontinued the brand.

Can you fricken believe that?!  And all of the reviews on Starbucks.com are excellent!

How can they do that to me?!
And why can't I add my two cents on the website?


I'm crushed!  And I'm not buying my beans at Starbucks anymore.


And, of course, no one in the UAE even knows that its been discontinued.

They keep telling me "It will come next week M'am".


They need to look at their own website or communicate the fact that there will be no more Arabian Mocha Sanani for anyone.  Anywhere.


I'm just going over to the dark side.  I've found another coffee that I like, I tried it for the first time today.  AND it's from Caribou Coffee.

Take that Starbucks!

I now love Caribou's Mocha Java.  And guess what? It too is made from Yemen beans.


So now I can have a proper Blissful experience again.



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