Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well what do you know...

After that last post I get this from an internal auditor from the home office of one of our clients.

This person is not based in Dubai - he was just here to audit the business here.

This was his e-mail to me (after I answered his questions regarding regulatory requirements in this jurisdiction):

"it is very nice to meet you, you are the smartest, the sweetest person i have ever met there."

No English is not his first language - but he is a smart gentleman - he asked actual honest to God real business questions of me.

What a refreshing change from the questions I usually get like - "why do I have to have a signed agreement?" (doesn't one usually need signed agreements with clients?!) and "I've known him forever, why do I have to gather due diligence on him?" (how many times exactly do I have to explain to you that it's REQUIRED by the DFSA regulations?!)

Anyway this e-mail lifted my day.  He called me smart.

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