Monday, June 28, 2010

I made Quiche

And it is taaaasteeeee!

I had to make the crust for the Quiche from scratch because you can't buy frozen crusts here.

I'm getting pretty good at making crust from scratch if I do say so myself.

Of course I don't make the one from shortening - I make the one with BUTTER!

It's nice and flakey, and buttery and oh so good!

Necessity is the mother of invention - I'd never even attempt to make crust from scratch if I lived in the US.  I'd just pop by the Kroger and buy it.

I stuffed the Quiche with spinach, peas, and sausage (the pig sausage from the porn pork room, the naughty pork room!).  So I'm getting green veggies, protein and the butter and cream have calcium, which every woman needs. 

Spinach Quiche has about 350 calories per slice and I figure since I added sausage it's most likely about 400 - 450 per slice.  More on the 450 side because, well...Butter!

Anyway I was a cooking machine this weekend.  I made the Quiche, Mexican surprise, and an egg and sausage dish.  I've frozen it all and will have it as breakfast / dinner all week.

I have to say - cooking while having a vodka is quite fun!

In other news (don't I sound just like a newscaster?!)...

We're leaving in 2 weeks for AMERICA! 

You can't see me, but I'm doing a little dance!

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