Sunday, October 25, 2009


I went shopping this past weekend and lo and behold I actually found things that fit. I couldn't believe it. I haven't lost weight, but I still had a good shopping day. It's better than a sugar rush!

I almost felt like I was 25 and a size 4 again.


Not quite.

And I still have no idea on how to manifest my mid-life crisis - I almost feel like I'm over it.

Which would be a bit disappointing since I thought I would do something crazy.

Like another tattoo.

Or a piercing.

40 year olds don't do that right?  This is what you do when you're 22 (which is when I got my first tattoo).

But I don't know where to put the tattoo so it's only visible when I want it to be and so it doesn't hurt like a bitch.

And I'm scared to get my belly button pierced. It'll hurt.

So still thinking...

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