Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Halloween!

We're going to a party and I've decided to go as a lush!

I was going to go as a Ninja but I couldn't find a pair of silky black men's PJ's.

You'd think that'd be a fairly easy item to find.

At least I thought so.

You know, hop down to Target or TJ Maxx, buy a pair for 20 or 30 dollars on clearance. Take about an hour to go, find the PJ's, and get home. Quick, easy, instant Ninja outfit.

Oh. Wait.

I don't live in America.

There isn't a Target or TJ Maxx.

There are discount stores, but they seem to only have cotton Grampa PJ's.

Well at least at Lu Lu's.

And there was only a choice of about 10 in the same style but in varying shades of blue.

Since the sales guy seem confused when I asked for PJ's, I asked for sleeping clothes, then I asked for bed clothes. He finally got it then.

I guess men here mostly sleep in the nude (not a good visual).

After Lu Lu's we went to the mall, it's a big mall. You can walk at least 3.5 miles without doubling back (I clocked it) that should give me enough choices and I should be able to find some there.


Well yes but, it turns out if I wanted black silky PJ's they would actually have to be silk. And I really didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a halloween costume.

So I'm going to the party as a lush.

All I need are my comfy PJ's, my oversized robe and a bottle of whiskey. I'm going to be an expensive lush too, cause my whiskey is single malt.

America is a great country.

You can get anything.


Say it with me people...America!


Update on the costume...

I ended up as a gypsy!  It's a little scary that I have everything I need in my wardrobe to dress as a gypsy...must be in the blood!

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