Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today I spent the morning sewing trying to finish up my homework, then the afternoon in class - learning how to sew. I've completed the easy parts of my skirt - and will attempt to put the zipper in this week as well as the waist band. Wish me luck lord knows I'll need it!

I also worked on my blouse - I sewed up the toile and in class Gail had a look at the sleeve and made me take it out and redo. So I redid it - she took a look at the redo - and now I have to redo again... the sleeve it's not so good...

After class we went to the Dubai Mall - I love that mall it has one of the best things here in Dubai. The biggest bookstore I've ever seen - anywhere, ever. Even in America.

It's called Kinokuniya Bookstore and they have the biggest selection of hobby books I've ever seen. I'm addicted to the books - I bought yet another embroidery book - I bet I have 20 or 30 of them now. I need to take an inventory so I can make sure I'm not buying the books twice.

No political rants today...

Will post photos of my skirt later.

Oh yeah - I love America...

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