Saturday, October 17, 2009


We're in Turkey and we've had such an exciting time so far!

We checked into the W Istanbul, which looks like a hip, happening night club. While we were checking in the receptionist told us to make sure we attend the "party" on the 2nd floor. This great party was going to start at 10:30, AND one of the most famous DJ's in Turkey would be "spinning".  Apparently he's not to be missed.


Then while we're being escorted to our room the porter, who was dragging our luggage up, made sure to tell us about the great time that would be had if we went to the "party".

He also wanted to make sure we understood this would not be a party of only W guests. They were expecting about 200 people to show up to listen to this great and wonderous DJ.

Now we thought "Great! We can party, see this great and wonderous DJ, and not have to worry about the logistics of getting back to the hotel..."

Yeah. Good thought. But we're old.

So we get to the room, take a shower (kick ass rain shower by the way) then "relax".

Which in old speak is - fall alseep.

I woke up about 6:10pm in time to go to dinner at 6:30 (great food).

Then back to the room - were my other half fell 8:00 suffering from a food coma.

I am old. This is glaringly obvious - I had a chance to see the best DJ in Istanbul, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

And I was asleep.

I am old...

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