Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A little bit of America outside the US

Well, we're here at Starbucks...


And guess how many American's are here?! I can count 3 aside from us... judging from the accents.

The world (from the comments I get) thinks we're taking over by going to war, or by economic means... really we're taking over the world one Starbucks and McDonalds at a time...

Which can be viewed from an economic perspective I guess. But I think it's more a cultural one. We are seeping into the cultures of the world and turning them toward "the dark side". I've yet to be in a country that doesn't watch our movies, eat our food, or wear our clothes.

And I have yet to be in a city which does not have a Starbucks or McDonalds. And they always have people in them - including locals...

Even the French have Starbucks. He he he!

There aren't any in Italy - but really who would drink it? Italy has the best coffee I've ever had. Their coffee is excellent, even out of the vending machines, AND they even have good instant coffee. And I hate instant.

I don't think the Italians can even wrap their heads around how to make a bad cup of coffee, in any situation.

I love Starbucks and I love America - but even I wouldn't go to Starbucks for coffee in Italy. Maybe for the snacks but not the coffee. I would buy the coffee outside then bring it in...

But McDonalds is alive and well in Italy, so we're still getting in...

Anyway - we're in Istanbul, in Starbucks, chillin out and thinking about going to a palace or two this afternoon. Maybe.

We'll see.

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