Friday, October 9, 2009


I just have one thing to say about the President for whom I did not vote. How in the HELL can you not meet with the Dali Lama?! I don't want to upset China...?! If you are going to meet with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad why can't you meet with a person who is a pacifist and promotes peace? Piss off the Americans - but play nice with the Chinese?

Seriously people.

Well I'm in the midst of trying to finish the skirt I'm learning how to sew. Yes, it's one of those things I've taken up in order to fill my time and try to find a purpose. It's actually interesting - I've learned how to draft the pattern and now I'm sewing it together. So no store bought patterns for me - which is a good thing since you can't get them over here.

I'm also conserving the white paper I use to draft the pattern on, because while I did find it once, it's not currently available in the UAE. Kinda like this past summer when we couldn't buy chicken from June to September. Inventory control hasn't quite made it over here.

How thankful do you think I am that I'm an American when I go back to the US and know that I can get anything I want? Especially when it's something as simple as chicken? My new mantra is - you can never have too much choice.

I've said it once, will most likely say it again, people who bitch about America should be relocated to another country and forced to live exactly like the nationals. I can tell you it'll shut their mouths up pretty fast. And if they like the way of life in that country so much they can stay and give up their citizenship.

Which brings me to something that has pissed me off ever since I first heard it. "...for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.."

Michelle Obama should get down on her hands and knees and thank God that she was born in America. That nasty little comment she made;

"...for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country...",CST-NWS-marin20.article

made me want to smack her and make her live here or even London. Not with all her money, but live as one of us. She'd find out pretty quick that, while we may not be perfect in America (and really who ever is?) we sure as hell are a lot more progressive and treat people more equally than most of the rest of the world. 

Maybe Scandinavia is better at it but they really don't have much diversity so in my opinion they don't count. Great country to visit - excellent food...but I digress.

In England you are not considered an English person unless you are white and have been there for many generations. If you are of Indian decent you're always going to be India, Asian you are Chinese, Korean, black you are African, Jamaican etc... In America you are American and your ethnic background is whatever it is.

Those who have not experienced this will never understand the distinction. But it is there and it is glaring. And I have to say - it was shocking but a good ease in to living and dealing with the mindset here in the UAE.

We have opportunity in America - opportunity like no where else in the world.

I can truly do and be anything I want to be in America. Not here.

Here in the UAE I'm not allowed to;

- work more than 10 hours a day (not that I want to but it's a LAW people)
- work after dark, this too is a LAW

I cannot;

- drive without written permission from my husband
- work without written permission from my husband
- drink without the same written permission

I also am not allowed to have a cell phone guessed it, written permission from my husband.

Actual honest to God written permission.

Because I am a WOMAN.

I miss being a woman in the south. So much more respect and consideration from men.

To be honest I'm not completely treated like a local woman here - I'm not married off at 18, and I won't lose my citizenship if I marry outside my nationality. And while my lack of children is looked down upon here, it would be enough reason for my husband to take a second wife or divorce me if I were an Emirati woman. I also have more freedom to work. But if my husband choses to beat me I'm S.O.L. just like the local women.

Isn't that nice?

God bless America.

And I do thank God that I was born in America.


Back to sewing.

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