Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Goals Part Deux

Well I didn't have any sweets yesterday. 

Hmmm "They" could be on to something when "They" say if you write down your goals you're more likely to meet them.  Just Google "How to meet goals" and you'll get a whole list of how to meet them.  Lots of experts out there.

Maybe I should write a goal to win the lottery, the big one, a hundred million dollar one, do you think it will come true? 

Oh, wait a minute, that's the Secret - not a goal.

Anyhoo...I'm going to set another goal today. 

No sweets.

Yes I know - same goal.

But if I can keep this up, little bit, little bit, little bit, I'll start adding more goals to my list.

And one day maybe I'll "gasp", maybe I'll excercise...

Dun dunt Duuunnnnn (cheesey music noise).

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