Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What a Bum!

I thought I'd be:

Writing prolifically in my Blog.

Organizing my Kindle books in an excel spreadsheet jotting down the summary so I could tell what the books were about without opening them up.

That's the downside to an electronic book - if you forget the order they should be read in, forget what they are about, etc... it's a pain to open it up in the kindle to try and figure it out.

Madly looking for a job.

Calling all my friends and having lunch / dinner / drinks / coffee.

I can't figure out what I've been doing instead.

What have I been doing for the past week (can you believe I'll be home for a week this Wednesday?!)?

Well I did get some things done - I found an apartment, we bought a car, I set up the electricity for the apartment, arranged to pick up Gracie Jane, and I have an appointment on Thursday with a recruiter.

I also took AW to the doctor, and I'm running errands and going grocery shopping today.

Huh...I guess I've done a bit more than I thought.

But still nothing I thought I'd be doing.  I need to write a list.

Then I can mark things off.

Be productive.

I love being in America!

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