Monday, October 11, 2010


I haven't been keeping in touch very well, neither on my blog or in my life personally.

I need to update my blog to reflect the fact that I'm BACK!

I'm going to keep updating this one until I'm move into our new apartment and our stuff has been delivered by the movers.

I think that's a good demarkation point.  I was there and now I'm here.

Then I'm going to start a new blog and link this one to it.

I've been busy getting things together and living with my bf SP has kept me busy.





And who knew kids were so time consuming?!

It's been fun, but I've been shit at calling my friends here and reconnecting, or keeping connected to my friends in the UK and the UAE.

It'll get better once I'm in my own place and have some sort of routine.  But right now I'm just trying to get settled in.

Yesterday we bought a new bed - since ours will not arrive until after the 30th and,

I've started the great job hunt -met with a recruiter and now need to get on the stick to apply and call etc...

Hopefully I'll be employed soon.

If not full time I'm going to go for a part-time job.  Maybe at Starbucks...

Anyway I'm going to make an effort to update more often, call my friends, and get my fricken Skype sorted out.  It keeps freezing up and not allowing me to chat or make phone calls.


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