Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gracie Jane Comes Home!

Gracie Jane came home with us on October 16th when she was 9 weeks old.

We Drove up to Dallas in our new SUV, here's the big statue of Sam Houston.  Pretty good photo for going about 75MPH.

My hubby talking to me...he wasn't really expecting me to take a photo.

Here is Gracie Jane's Daddy.  I have a photo of her mother but I can't figure out which one she is!  They had 3 Adult American Mastiffs and they were all so sweet and cute.  Too bad we couldn't pick up Gracie earlier - I would have loved to see her brothers and sisters.

Here's my hubby meeting Gracie - she looks so small.

And here I am holding her - he paws are so big and thick.

This is Gracie on the drive home - she whined for about 10 minutes then slept the entire way back to Houston.

Isn't she so cute!?

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