Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Food Crack

Yes I said Food CRACK!

We went to a restaurant the other day, one friends had taken my husband to when he was here in Houston on business.

It's called Lola.


I had a beef and cheddar sandwich.  I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.  

No lie.

The beef was delicious - no gristle at all.

And the bun.  The Bun.

It was so good it deserves to be capitalized.

It was a yeast bun that was lightly toasted on the inside.

It makes me shiver just to think about it.

And oh did I mention the Butter?

It goes without saying that Butter should ALWAYS be capitalized.  

I think they brushed The Bun with Butter.

I'm sure they brushed The Bun with Butter.

If it's not Butter on that Bun then I don't want to know.

If it tastes that good it MUST be Butter.

Of course I finished it off before I thought to take a photo.

But I took one of my husband when we were waiting for take out a few days later.

Because I couldn't stop thinking about my Food Crack.

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