Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Great Day

In the 'hood!

Ha Ha Ha!

I had an interesting experience today - I took my best friend SP's son to the doctor.

I've never taken a child to the doctor before (not really a child he's 13 soon to be 14).

Thank goodness he knew where he was going - I wouldn't have gotten him there in time if I had been navigating.

I'm directionally challenged - I admit it.

Anyway, they ask A LOT of questions.  Questions that I didn't know - questions that the answers, I would have thought, would have been in the computer.

 Like - are you allergic to anything, how tall are you, etc...

After all he'd been there before.

Good thing he knew the answers.  I sure as hell didn't.

So basically I was the chauffeur - he did all the talking.  I'm really glad it wasn't the 3 year old I was taking to the Dr.

I would have really sucked at that, and most likely they would have called CPS on me for not knowing the basics.  You know questions like, what's his birthday?

Anyway - it was a good time, he's a good kid and very capable.  Who knew kids were so very time consuming and costly.  That 3 hour visit cost about 250 in co-pays.  But it turned out he did fracture his thumb.

So the visit did last longer and cost more than anticipated.

New topic....

I still don't know what I'm going to rename the blog.  Maybe I'll have this as one page and my American experiences as another....

I'm thinking, I'm thinking....

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