Sunday, August 29, 2010

Transfer Complete!

Well almost...

I've been trying to move my travel blog over to this account so I only have to log in once to manage my accounts.

It was a pain because even when you download the old blog then upload it back up to the new - as per the instructions - it didn't carry over any of my photos.

And I was trying to preserve what I had done without any changes.  You know capture the moment in time and all.

Any way I had to do a manual process of copy and past, but every time I went from one blog to the other I got logged out.

I was not happy!  But I did get if finished, for the most part.

I have like one or two posts left to go - I think - I got blocked out last night so I have to wait  a few days to get back into the old account.

But I have most of it moved over here in the new account so I can start blogging about the places we've been since the beginning of the year.

Whoo hoo!

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