Monday, August 23, 2010

Lady Gaga - Alejandro

Have you seen this video?

When I first saw it I thought Lady Gaga was making fun of video ho's by having man ho's in her video.

Then my husband looked it up on Google and he saw this:

Which is very interesting - a lot of conjecture about the illuminati, God, and homosexual undertones.

I looked it up and got this:

Apparently the director was thinking about a woman's lost love.

Interesting how people assign their own weird meanings to things.

When I was at University I took an English class, the teacher had us read Cinderella and then wanted us to write about the feminist undertones of the story.  How it highlighted the oppression of women.

I wrote that there were no feminist undertones to the story, that people just assigned their own meanings to it, ones the author never intended.  I wrote that Cinderella was just a story written by some guy trying to shut his kids up, put them to bed, and teach them a lesson at the same time.  The moral of Cinderella - be nice to people or it just may bite you in the ass, aka what goes around comes around.

The teacher was a bit pissed at me at going "off topic" but at least she gave me a C instead of an F.

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