Saturday, August 28, 2010

Libya is the New Dubai

Have you heard about this?

Apparently Libya is the new Dubai...

I'm all for Muammar Gadhafi renouncing terrorism.  I hope this is true because with the "President" of Iran acting like a crazy man there needs to be more stability over here in the Middle East.

Maybe if people in the Middle East were more educated and exposed to different cultures and the concept of civil rights house maids wouldn't have to be subjected to hot nails being hammered into them.

Yes that really happened to a Sri Lankan house maid in KSA.  Here is the articleshe had 13 nails and 5 needles removed.  They couldn't get the other 6 needles in her hands because it could have damaged her nerves.

House maids should be warned before they go to KSA and given help numbers.  Or they should have to check in weekly with their country's embassy with a code word that means, "GET ME OUT OF HERE!".

I'm so glad I was born an American.

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