Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The news today...

There were some interesting articles in the paper this morning.

If you are caught eating or drinking in public you will be arrested.

But if you are working out in the 110F heat, and you feel like you absolutely must, you can break your fast without being arrested.

Isn't that nice.  If you think you're going to pass out from dehydration while working on an oil rig you will be allowed to have a drink.  But you have to make it up later.

This makes no sense to me.  Working on an oil rig is dangerous.  Why would you even attempt to make someone fast on one of these?  Or why would you allow a person who insists on fasting to work on one?

Here is a comment from the article which cautions those who break their fast - apparently Satan is waiting for you to break your fast so he can "get" you. 

"It is a fine declaration for whoever is not able to fasting under sun, but on the other hand if Islamic affair is not giving strict conditions, people will go away from their responsibilities. How it will happen? Satan will take advantage of people's inability, he will insist the person who break the fast before dusk such as say, "dont worry Allah know your inability, or keep fasting next year". Like those ideas will be given and pushed him to go away from Islam until his death. So, every one think before you break fasting during Ramadan. Ramadan comes once in a year, it is a gift from Almighty Allah."

Hmmmm....I'm all for practicing your religion - but not if it's going to endanger the lives of the people around you.  I do not like being on the road with a bunch of people who have not eaten or drank anything since 4:30 in the morning.  Dehydration causes dizziness, fainting, and lack of concentration. Just what one needs when one is driving a car, or a truck, or a semi with a full load.

Endanger your own life if you want, don't endanger mine.

Here's another good one...

Apparently if you are 14 and you had sex with a 25 year old you will be jailed for having "consensual sex".  That's a six month sentence followed by deportation.

Of a 14 year old.  GIRL.

Who was targeted by a MAN more than 10 years older than she is.  He only got a year in jail.

The comments section on this article were closed off.  I guess they don't want anyone to point out how ridiculous it is to jail a 14 year old for having sex with an adult. 

Here's another article that just made me shake my head.

At a wedding in Saudi the mother of the groom slapped him because the helped his bride on with her shoe.  Well I don't blame her!  What WAS he thinking?!

I'm not sure if it was at same wedding or a different one, but the guests at a reception walked out after seeing a slide show of the bride and groom growing up then kissing at the end of the show.

The guests said there were "shocked, charging that the clip was not acceptable and that it was inspired by movies screened on private television channels".

The world is an interesting place.

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